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Hello, visitors welcome on our website i.e. gdckargil.in. This is a private website that does not belong to any of the Government Websites. Through the help of this website, we provide you all updates related to the Government Schemes. We take the information from the other sources then make it easy to understand for you.

So that our visitors can easily understand the facts about the Government Scheme, Trending topis and get the benefit. All the websites will be written in easy English or Hindi.

No Matter which state you belong to. We make the categories as State-wise so that every scheme or topic will be available in the special category of every state. We also provide you the information about the scheme launched by the Central Government too.

This is an informative website. Our main motive is to provide you accurate and valuable information through our website.

About us

So our team members are…

Content Writer:- Sai

Team Head:- Mithu

Social Media handles:- Varun Dev

If you face any of the problems then you can contact us by visiting our Contact Us Page.