About Department of travel and tourism management

Department of Travel and Tourism has been introduced in the college in 2015 under order no 101-HE of 2014. In 2015 the enrollment for BG 1st year was only 10 students and in the current session 2016-17 the enrollment is more than 25 students. To impart quality education the department has engaged a contractual lecturer appointed by the nodal agency. World Tourism Day This day is celebrated every year having particular theme for making aware the people all over the world. The day is celebrated every year on September 27 each year aiming to aware the people about the importance of the tourism. A message is sent to the general public every year by the UNWTO Secretary-General to participate in the occasion. It is celebrated with the great interest by the various tourism enterprises, organizations, government agencies and etc. Varieties of competitions are held at this day such as photo competitions promoting the tourism, tourism award presentations including free entries, discounts/special offers to the general public. Tourism has become the continuously growing and developing economic sectors worldwide Because of the occurrence of various attractive and new destinations for the tourists. So it has become the main source of income for the developing countries. The theme of 2014 was “Tourism and Community Development”. The theme of 2015 would be “Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities”. .

1. To promote responsible and community-based tourism so that locals can enjoy increased socio-economic benefits and improved environment. .
2. To develop tourism with dignity, respect and nurture local cultures so that they enrich the tourism experience and build pride and confidence among local communities. .
3. To minimize negative social, economical and environmental impacts of mass tourism and promote tourism which is sustainable.
4. To preserve and enhance local culture, art, handicrafts, monuments and other natural and man-made tourist resources and protect them from over-commercialization and over-exploitation.
5. To encourage proactive participation and involvement by all stakeholders including government bodies, private sector, tourism organizations, local communities, NGOs, youth clubs etc. at all stages of tourism life cycle.
6.To conduct market research and identify places and activities of touristic interest e.g. local music, dance, cuisine, art and craft, specialty agriculture, festivals and events etc. and use them in sustainable manner for tourism development. .
7. To provide training and consultancy to local communities, government bodies, tourism organizations, and private sector and enable them to develop and promote responsible and community-based tourism in their areas so that positive impacts of tourism are maximized and negative one minimized. .

Teaching Faculty Designation cell No. E-Mail
01 Mr. Parvaiz Hussain Reshi Lecturer 9469144038

Mr. Parvaiz Hussain Reshi

Designation: Lecturer

Basic Qualification:

Experience: “Executive Manager” in Gazi Tour and Travels.