About Department of Environmental Science

Department of Environmental science has been introduced in the year 2005 with the aim of imparting quality education and training to the students. As the department was working in a make shift department with only a single faculty, subsequently the department has increased its enrollment and current session 2016-17 the number of students enrolled with the department is more than 1000 and to impart quality education the department has engaged 2 contractual lecturers appointed by the nodal agency. The department arranges field trips / workshops / seminars in time to time for the students to increase their knowledge and skills.


The Environment support a large variety of the living organisms, plants, animals and human Beings .Therefore, do we have any right to destroy It, what we have inherited from the nature and the Mother earth and deprive our children of The clean environment?

Ponder and act now, before it is too late!

“If you plan for one year, plant rice, if you plan 10 years, plant trees and if you plan for 100 years, educate people”.

1.To impart value - Oriented education to the youth of this remote mountainous region in the field of Environmental Science.
2. To help students in their Optimum personal and social development so as to become good and virtous persons as well as Citizens.
3. To develop the spirit of Dedication, Devotion and Altruism among the students for the service of nation.
4. Prepare students and make them ready to participate in seminars so that there will be addition in their knowledge about the subject.

Name of Staff Designation cell No. E-Mail
01 Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Wani Lecturer 9797901050
02 Mr. Jahangir Ahmad Dar Assistant Lecturer --

Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Wani

Designation: Lecturer

Basic Qualification:Hydrology


  • Ph.D
  • Medical Tourism in Aanchar Lake! Misconceptions and Drawbacks.
  • Towards the Conservation of World famous Dal Lake.
  • Analyzing Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Dal Lake Water.
Mr. Jahangir Ahmad Dar

Designation: Assistant Lecturer

Basic Qualification: M.Sc, M.Phill

01 Ghulam Mohammad: MSc. Chemistry (NET Qualified) Jamia Millia Islamia University Delhi,